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Massage Bundles
SAVE $50 by prepaying for a bundle card

2 Hour 4 pack Swedish $610
2 Hour 4 pack Deep Tissue $690
90 min 4 pack Swedish $430
90 min 4 pack Deep Tissue $490
60 min 4 pack Swedish $310
60 min 4 pack Deep Tissue $350

(May pay for any upgrades such as cupping, hot stones, aromatherapy, etc. at the end of session)

Monthly Membership

Jade (Tier 1)
$70 per month
Enjoy a 1 hour custom Massage per month.
%15 discount on all massages thereafter

Diamond (Tier 2)
$110 per month
Enjoy a 90 minute custom Massage per month. 
%15 discount on all massages thereafter

Birthday Member Perks:
Foot Scrub OR 15 min Massage (Add into booking notes)

How does the membership work? 
Massages will not add up if not used. Book your massage and be sure to add your Credit card on file to be charged on the 1st of every month or venmo Jacylyn-Benjamin. Memberships renew month to month and you can cancel anytime.
NO REFUNDS. No contracts. 

Refer a friend to receive $10 off your next session. 
(Can not be combined with other discounts or membership)
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