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Sacred Spirit Massage

Please Note: Strictly professional services with no sexual conduct. 
See bottom of page for spa parties & outcall details. Not applicable toward discounted promotions.
Need advance notice for couples massage to find another therapist.

A Natural Way to Heal.

Welcome! Sacred Spirit Massage provides professional massage therapy for relaxation and pain management as well as Intuitive Energy work for the Roseville or surrounding areas. 

Holistic Therapy is a natural healing that addresses mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner, I integrate alternative therapies to prevent and treat discord however it shows up in the body and energy field. Although this is not a "quick fix cure all", I promote optimal health through educating and serving the public with massage therapy, energy healing, guided meditation, sound healing and other forms of therapy. I invite you to join me on embarking this wonderful journey of creating a better life for yourself. 

With compassion and determination residing in my heart, I empower my clients to be partners in their healing journey. It's important to understand how powerful our minds and bodies really are. They have the ability to heal themselves through the power of belief, the right positive perspective on life's circumstances, diet and lifestyle. It takes a certain level of sensitivity and awareness from ourselves to identify the discord in the body and we can do that more effectively by applying these methods of healing instead of masking the root problem, whether that be emotional, mental or physical. We cannot do that effectively with drugs, toxic thinking, addictions, poor diet and lifestyle and other ways that do not serve us.

You have the power within you to start to change your life. Be fully accountable and have faith in the process. I'm just here to assist you in creating that reality. Make it a great adventure and don't let anything stand in your way. 

Yoga at Home

My Mission....

To expand consciousness.
 To empower each individual to rise in Love and honor the spirit within.
To offer solitude.
To be of aid in healing the mind and protecting the body from disharmony, environmental stress and dis-ease.
To serve each soul by establishing a stronger connection with their authentic self and moving past trauma, attachments and stuck energy.
Sharing wisdom to make the necessary steps to reach each unique soul's highest potential. 
To help in all of the ways I can by serving in LOVE and encouraging all to ACCEPT all of who they are.
All in Gratitude. 

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